Cheryl Mann Hardin

Painting a portrait is to me a privilege and an honor. My goal is to offer a service with integrity. By creating a true and lasting impression of the subject with dignity and style I will provide the client with a treasured heirloom and a venue for future generations to encounter the subject.

I believe that to capture the essence of a person’s whole being in a portrait, the artist must paint from life. Then the painting is an encounter with the subject. It is an experience captured in the artwork that becomes a timeless expression of the human personality.

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Cheryl Mann Hardin


“I have many personal friends that are artists who have done art work for me through the years but my portrait by Cheryl Hardin is what I like best.  It is absolutely my most favorite print ever”


Bobby Allison; NASCAR Legend, Hueytown, Alabama

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“Cheryl took a difficult subject and depicted it in a beautiful mural which brings the ‘Dothan Riot’ to life! Not only is she a talented artist, she is also a very nice person to work with. We would not hesitate to contract with her for another mural.”

Wendell Stepp, Mural Committee Chairman

Wiregrass Festival of Mural; Dothan, Alabama


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