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“Neilie” – pastel on paper,  12″ x 16″

  OIL ON CANVAS XXXXXX    50″ x 58″      This double portrait by artist, Cheryl Mann Hardin was painted  from life sittings and photographs. The subjects are brother and sister. The girl was painted from life sittings and the boy was painted posthumously from a selection of existing snapshots.

“Rick, Brenda, Mark and Madison” 40″ x 42″ oil portrait by Cheryl Mann Hardin For this commission the client requested that the family portrait be done on their ranch in Junction, Texas. The background is is a panoramic view from the ranch on a plateau overlooking Junction and the surrounding area. I took photos on location for the composition and to begin the preliminary painting. Then scheduled final sittings for each member of the family.

Dr. Daniel Cabiniss   OIL ON CANVAS XXXXXX     36″ X 48″     Painted by Cheryl Mann Hardin©   Dr. Daniel Cabiniss This portrait was done from life on location at the Medical Center in Columbus, GA.  Dr. Cabiniss was Director of Education. In order to paint this commission we scheduled a two hour sitting once a week for six weeks. The room where the portrait was painted had florescent lighting which added to the “hospital ambience.”    

“Willy” Oil sketch on canvas; 16″ x 20″                  

“Red Satin Dress” 30″ x 40″ oil on canvas, painted from life

      “Jessica” – oil on canvas, 32″ x 36″                                  

Joyce the Gypsy   OIL ON CANVAS XXXXXX     32″ X 32″    This images was painted by Cheryl Mann Hardin.    

“Back Yard Buddy” MEDIA OIL ON CANVAS XXXXXX  IMAGE SIZE  18″ X 24″   DESCRIPTION  This images was painted by Cheryl Mann Hardin.